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Main installation method of belt conveyor

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Main installation method of belt conveyor

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Belt conveyor is mainly to transport items from one location to another location, in the middle of the transmission can prevent thermal shrinkage machine and some packaging machinery, such as baling machine, to complete a series of operations, so we for the belt conveyor installation method, how much do you know? In the following small series to give you a simple introduction.

First of all, before installing the belt conveyor, we shall install 4 sets of deviation adjustment devices and direction changing rollers before and after installation on the front and rear of the belt rack, and then we shall install the driving equipment.

(1) first we should choose 10 mm screws, first install a single drive plate and drive roller.

(2) install the drive plate on the other side.

(3) the second is the installation of drive roller Jane two end face bearing, bearing seat and drive roller sprocket.

(4) then, install the motor base (8 screws of 8mm×15 are generally used here)

(5) in the belt conveyor installation, to tighten the screw, to ensure that the drive roller running freely

(6) install the chain of motor and belt electromechanical machine

(7) then tighten the bolts at the motor base and install the chain.

(8) when installing the pull rod between the supporting legs and the supporting legs, the height of the supporting legs should be adjusted to ensure the plane height of the conveyor, which can meet the requirements of the customer, and then the 1.5mm plate is sealed.

(9) after finishing the above work, we should turn on the power to test the machine, and adjust the belt to prevent deviation.

When installing bearings, we should add good grease.

Above is small make up to give you a simple introduction of the belt conveyor installation method, I hope the above content can help you.

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