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Double - sided heavy shelves and supermarket double - sided shelves five differences

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Double - sided heavy shelves and supermarket double - sided shelves five differences

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The double-sided heavy-duty shelves we talk about here belong to the special shelves used in the warehouse, not the double-sided shelves in the supermarket, the difference between the two is very big. What are the differences between the double-sided heavy shelves used in the warehouse and the double-sided shelves used in the supermarket? Below zhejiang shelf manufacturers to point in detail:


1. Different usage scenarios

Double-sided heavy goods shelf is actually what we call double-armed heavy goods shelf, which is used in large warehouses or other large enterprises. The double-sided shelves in the supermarket are the display shelves we can see everyday, which are placed in the supermarket for selling goods.

The prices are different

We tend to be more concerned about the price of shelves, and the price of double-sided heavy shelves is generally far more than the supermarket double-sided shelves. Ordinary double - sided heavy shelves are thousands of yuan a set, and the supermarket double - sided shelves can buy one or two hundred.

The weight of heavy loads is different

Double-sided heavy shelves are used to store super-heavy goods, generally at least tons of weight, and supermarket double-sided shelves are only used to store daily goods, carrying weight requirements are much smaller, generally belong to light shelves and so on.

4. Different styles

We use the following two pictures to compare and see, the appearance of double-sided heavy shelf is that there is an arm on both sides, hanging out, it is with this cantilever to hang the goods. While the supermarket double-sided shelves generally look better, is the real two sides, can be used to put goods.

5. Different materials

Double-sided heavy shelves generally use high quality steel, so it can have a strong bearing capacity. Double-sided shelves in supermarkets can be made of wood or sheet steel.

In short, the above is the double-sided heavy shelves and supermarket double-sided shelves of the five points of difference, in fact, not to say which shelves better, they are used in different scenes of two different types of shelves, each have their own characteristics. And we should pay attention to is not the supermarket will not use double-sided heavy shelves, as long as it is in line with the requirements of using double-sided heavy shelves anywhere can use it, and not to warehouse as his limitations.

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