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How to distinguish heavy shelves and light shelves?

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How to distinguish heavy shelves and light shelves?

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Now there are many kinds of shelves in the market, so in the face of a variety of shelves, in the purchase of how we should distinguish between heavy shelves and light shelves? Next with zhejiang goods rack manufacturer small make up look together look.

Heavy duty shelf: it is mainly used in some industrial fields, used to store a few large physical materials or half processing accessories, especially in some heavy industry machinery manufacturing industry, a lot of product in the absence of final assembly or before shipping out to work, are needed in heavy shelves above into the store, it can be said to be the industry of a storage tool be applied more widely.


Light shelves: mainly used in some beauty industry, chemical industry, food industry or supermarket, family and so on, its concept can be said to be just the opposite and complementary with the heavy shelves, the objects used between the two are completely different, so that we can better make the difference between heavy shelves and light shelves.

Application field: two kinds of shelves in the use of the scope is not mutually related, one is often used in industry, metal industry, construction and other heavy sites, and the other is used in some supermarkets, household daily use and other occasions, the market response of both sides is exactly complementary.

Use function: the use of heavy shelves is primarily due to a variety of weight big, bulky items, so on the function design is biased towards the strong, big, easy handling, etc., and the use of the light shelf is mainly some volume is small, weight is light, so it above the function design, relatively for bearing consider much shelf itself, mainly is the development of some better way of charging or more beautiful style design.

Materials used:

Because both the use of the object and store target has great difference, so in the production of the above, two shelves with the production of materials also, how many there are some difference between the material requirements of heavy shelves is higher, and basically no requirement to weight, and the material requirement of light shelf is lower, but the more attention to the problem of weight.

Hope the above zhejiang shelf manufacturers small series of introduction to help you!

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