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Is the stainless steel shelf good or the steel shelf good?

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Is the stainless steel shelf good or the steel shelf good?

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I don't think it is better to say that one kind of shelf, but it is more reasonable to choose one kind of shelf according to the environment used by the shelf.

Stainless steel shelves on the surface of the stainless steel processing, suitable for in the kitchen and places of often contact with water, and the bearing of the stainless steel shelves is relatively low, can only be placed around 50 kg weight of the goods, if the goods is more than 50 kg, stainless steel shelves need to choose the very large material to produce, and stainless steel material is more expensive, at present is almost $10000 to $20000 per ton.

Steel shelves are suitable for storing in dry places, that is, in common enterprise warehouses. The weight of goods stored can be 200KG to 6 tons per floor, with good load-bearing effect. Steel materials cost thousands of yuan per ton, compared with stainless steel shelves are more affordable.

And stainless steel shelves because of its material, after a certain period of time, the shelves will appear large area of deformation, so the kitchen is recommended to place light goods to choose stainless steel shelves. And dry warehouse on the proposal to choose steel shelves.

Hope the above zhejiang shelf manufacturers small series of introduction to help you!

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