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Measures to prevent deformation of storage shelves

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Measures to prevent deformation of storage shelves

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Storage shelves in general is not out of shape, as long as you find regular manufacturers, according to the normal installation method, you can rest assured that the use of the following zhejiang shelf manufacturers to introduce some simple methods to ensure that your shelves will not be out of shape.

1. The dimensional tolerance deformation and clearance of the shelves should meet relevant standards.

2. The settlement value of the storage rack foundation shall be strictly controlled to ensure the normal use of the shelf structure. Attention should be paid to the separation of shelf foundation and building column foundation in the design of non-storage rack in one, so as to prevent the damage of the building caused by the force of shelf structure.

3, the design of shelf structure, should consider the use requirements, equipment conditions, loading properties, material supply and installation conditions and other factors, reasonable choice of structural form, construction measures and production materials, to achieve advanced technology, economic and reasonable, safe and applicable, to ensure quality.

4, there is a strict design process, storage, no matter in the durability limit state or the maximum load limit state design shelf structure, should meet the relevant standards, there is a calculation book. For major projects must be through the finite element calculation, shelf strength, stiffness and stability of composite, the earthquake under the effect of a comprehensive assessment of the safety. To the standard shelf that USES repeatedly, want to have general calculation book.

5, beam shelf, each beam at both ends must be equipped with a locking device, or provide screws and nuts fastening, so that the beam can be fixed on the column stability, prevent from being separated by the upward force. To ensure the connection between the beam and its locking device (or screw and nut), check the normal operation of the beam lock or screw and nut fastening regularly during use, and replace the damaged device in time.

6, shelf column column feet should be fixed correctly on the concrete foundation. It should be made clear whether the connection mode between the shelf and the ground is to adopt the embedded parts, the second irrigation scheme, or the direct connection scheme between the shelf and the ground with chemical bolts. The minimum embedded size of bolt diameter | must be determined by calculation according to the actual load | seismic load or wind load. Small shelves with manual loading below 2.4m are not fixed. The concrete fixed on the shelf column foundation must be cured continuously for 28 days and bear the corresponding pressure. The uneven settlement of the foundation must meet the requirements of use.

7. The data used in the calculation must be valid or have been tested. It is difficult to analyze the shelf structure accurately in theory, so the parameters needed in the design must be determined by corresponding tests, and the bearing capacity of the shelf structure or a component can be determined directly by tests. The test shall have a report, and the test equipment shall pass | calibration by qualified metrological department recognized by the state.

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