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Storage shelf specifications and dimensions

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Storage shelf specifications and dimensions

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Storage shelves are widely used, but mainly for some factories, supermarkets warehouse. Its value lies in saving warehouse space and making space utilization higher. What are the specifications and sizes of storage shelves on the market? The following roller conveyor equipment manufacturers to introduce!

Storage shelf specifications and dimensions

Storage shelf size

Light shelf: each layer can bear 100kg-200kg, can adjust the height arbitrarily, suitable for storing light parts. Specification: L1500*W500*H2000(four layers).

Medium rack: each floor can bear 150-250kg, the height of the beam and the column can be arbitrarily adjusted using the buckle connection, easy installation and unloading specification L2000*W600*H2000 (four floors).

Heavy goods shelf: it can bear 800kgt-4000kg in each layer, suitable for storing all kinds of goods, suitable for pallet-stacking and forklift operation, it is the most commonly used shelf. Equipped with special locking pin.

Cantilever rack: cantilever rack is suitable for storing long material, ring material, plate, pipe and irregular goods. Cantilever can be single or double sided, cantilever shelf with stable structure, good load capacity, high space utilization. Cantilever rack column mostly use H section steel or cold rolled section steel, cantilever use square tube, cold rolled section steel or H section steel, cantilever and column use plug or bolt connection type, the base and column use bolt connection type, the base use cold rolled section steel or H section steel, the general size 1500*1500*2000 the distance between the two columns is 1.5m.

Mould rack: mainly store all kinds of mould articles, which are divided into light mould rack and heavy mould rack according to the requirements of layering capacity. The top of the shelf can be equipped with mobile hoist car to facilitate the lifting of the mold. The size is 3100*600*2000, the layer load is 800KG, the drawer size is 900*600, the height is 540, 540, 500 crane load is 500KG.

Storage shelf specifications and dimensions

Attic shelf - the attic shelf divides the medium attic shelf and the heavy attic shelf.

Medium attic shelf: the shelf infrastructure adopts medium shelf column. The shelf floor adopts the special floor of the attic shelf, and the floor adopts the interlocking structure. Support beams were erected under the floor slab.

The specification of medium attic shelf column is: 55×55×1.5mm special shelf column profile. It is made of high quality strip rolled by kaiping, automatic rolling mill, punching and cutting according to customer's specified height. Column bracket and connecting beam piece are made of high quality cold plate, which is bent and punched. Steel platform of attic shelf: steel structure platform is also called working platform. The modern steel structure platform has various forms and functions. Its structure ** is characterized by its fully assembled structure and flexible design, which can be used to design and manufacture steel structure platforms meeting site requirements, functional requirements and logistics requirements according to different site conditions. It is widely used in modern storage.

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