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How are storage shelves produced?

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How are storage shelves produced?

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1. Purchase confirmed storage shelf materials.

2. According to the structural drawings of storage shelves, use the plate cutting machine to cut out parts of each storage shelf.

3, cut out the plate needs punching, bending. The sections need to be rolled and punched, and cut according to the dimensions determined by the storage shelves.

4. Part of the structure of storage shelves needs to be welded: for example, the steel plate of laminates and the support beam under laminates need to be welded, and the beam is welded by pendant and profile. These parts need to be welded well.

5. Polish and remove the welding slag and other residues on the accessories, then carry out pickling (oil removal and rust removal), and then carry out phosphating. After phosphating, the accessories on the storage shelves shall be dried. Phosphating is a process of chemical and electrochemical reaction to form phosphate conversion film. Phosphate conversion film is the surface protection film of metal, which can prevent metal from being corroded to some extent. Phosphate conversion film is used as primer before painting to improve the adhesion and corrosion resistance of paint film, and play a role in reducing friction and lubrication in cold metal processing.

6, the storage shelf accessories spraying. Spray molding is a metal surface processing technology, to the solid powder coating by electrostatic spraying, reheating and baking melting curing, forming a layer of flat and bright permanent coating film on the metal surface, to achieve the purpose of decoration and corrosion prevention.

7. After plastic spraying, the parts of storage shelves are dried again. After the storage shelves are produced, they can be installed at the destination and then used.

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