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Classification and application of shelves

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Classification and application of shelves

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Shelves are indispensable storage equipment in the warehouse. There are many kinds of shelves in the warehouse. Different shelves have different USES and use methods. Today we zhejiang shelf manufacturers small make up to introduce the classification and use of warehouse shelves.

First, let's understand the classification of warehouse shelves: there are many kinds of warehouse shelves, classification methods are different.

1. The shelves can be divided into light shelves, medium shelves and heavy shelves according to their load bearing. Light shelves are divided into laminate shelves with a load bearing of 50-150kg per layer. Access to goods depends on manual access to goods. Medium shelf generally refers to the loading in 200-800kg each layer of laminates shelf. Heavy-duty shelves refer to single-layer shelves with a load of 500KG or more.

2. It can be classified into beam shelf, laminade shelf, through shelf, mould shelf, attic shelf, cantilever shelf, moving shelf, fluent shelf and rod shelf.

3. The shelves can be divided into regular shelves and automatic stereo storage shelves.

From the top shelf classification, there are many kinds of shelves. The capacity of each shelf is not the same. Next we come to understand the different USES of different kinds of shelves

1. Beam shelf, beam shelf is mainly used in combination with tray, also called tray shelf. Place the goods neatly on the pallets and put them on the two beams of the shelves by forklift. It is mainly used in the warehouse with heavy goods and high efficiency.

2. Laminate shelf, laminate shelf has different size and size, divided into light laminate shelf, medium laminate shelf and heavy laminate shelf three kinds. Can choose different shelves according to the size of goods and load bearing. The shelves are generally divided into multiple layers, and the goods can be stored on the shelves directly.

3. Through the shelves, the forklift can be directly driven into the shelves, also known as drive-in shelves. It is suitable for storage of single batch with large quantity. Low picking efficiency.

4. Mould rack, suitable for single heavy goods, such as mould. The laminates can be drawn out. Also called drawer type shelves

5. Attic shelves, generally applicable to the warehouse with high floors. Can make the attic of two or three storeys. Better classification of goods for storage.

6. Cantilever rack is used to store irregular goods such as long material, annular material or plate. Load capacity is good, can be divided into single cantilever and double cantilever shelf.

7. Fluency rack, also called roller rack. You can put the goods on the higher side, and the goods will automatically slide to the lower end, first in, first out. Save manpower.

8. The rack of wire rod can be assembled freely and used repeatedly. Make full use of storage space. Can be combined with the table to form a wire bar support table.

Above is the introduction of a few commonly used shelves and USES. Specific implementation needs to be combined with the specific situation of the warehouse to design a reasonable plan to implement.

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