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Telescopic cantilever rack VS ordinary cantilever rack

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Telescopic cantilever rack VS ordinary cantilever rack

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Telescopic cantilever shelf is improved on the basis of ordinary cantilever shelf, which improves the original function and makes up for some shortcomings of traditional cantilever shelf. Telescopic cantilever shelf will bring more choices to customers and save more costs for customers.


Shelf structure is different.

Ordinary cantilever shelf is composed of basic beam and column combination, telescopic cantilever shelf structure is more advanced, the main frame by welding, assembly unit, moving part by bearing support, using gear rack and crank.


The cantilevers stretch in different directions.

Ordinary cantilever shelf: its cantilever can only up and down to adjust the spacing of each layer, the left and right structure fixed, can not move adjustment. Telescopic cantilever shelf cantilevers not only up and down can be adjusted, but also about 100 percent telescopic adjustment, more can be adjusted out of the shelf body.


Access goods in different order.

Ordinary cantilever shelf to take goods can only take the upper layer after the lower layer, inventory can only put down the layer after the upper layer, very inconvenient. Telescopic cantilever shelf access arbitrary, not subject to the order and height level restrictions.


There are different types of goods that can be stored.

Ordinary cantilever racking storage is limited to only a few general cargo, more species of telescopic cantilever racking storage, goods storage specifications length without limit, most types of goods can be stored, such as some bad storage of pipes, profiles, bars, square tube, cylinder, aerospace parts, military parts, long cargo, bulk cargo, such as irregular shape of goods can be stored, storage length of 70 meters.


The necessary supporting equipment is different.

The necessary supporting equipment is different. Due to the limitation of its structure, ordinary cantilever shelves are mainly used in combination with forklifts. Customers need to buy professional supporting forklifts, while telescopic cantilever shelves are used with crane and crane to realize mechanized access. Generally, the crane is used in the factory, so there is no need to purchase other equipment, saving costs.


Storage and space utilization are different.

Common cantilever shelf combined with forklift truck, need to leave a wide forklift passage, the overall area is large, the storage capacity is reduced. And telescopic cantilever shelf with the use of crane, without too large channel, the overall shelf area is small, compact arrangement, large storage capacity, suitable for small warehouse, and the shelf cantilever itself can be telescopic adjustment, more space saving, the overall storage capacity is 2-3 times of the ordinary cantilever shelf.

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