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It is very important to choose the material of the chain conveyor

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It is very important to choose the material of the chain conveyor

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Chain plate conveyor can carry out horizontal, inclined and vertical transport, also can form space transport line, transport line is usually fixed. Chain plate conveyor transport capacity, transport distance is long, but also in the transport process to complete a number of technological operations, so the application is very wide.

In general cases of materials transported by chain plate conveyor, the general characteristics, density, maximum particle size, oil or chemical, etc. of the materials should be considered. Whether the materials are corrosive, acidic or alkaline, which will affect the service life of the conveyor belt. General conveyor belt can bear the tension is limited, if the proportion of materials is large, and the conveyor belt can not bear the tension produced by the operation of equipment, it is easy to pull the conveyor belt. At this time, the choice of conveyor belt can be considered to choose a multi-layer with wire rope core.

At present, there are two kinds of chain plate conveyor in the domestic market, one is the conveyor made of chain plate composed of chain, supporting shaft and metal plate; One is a chain-plate conveyor made of a metal plate conveyor belt composed of a chain with a curved plate and a metal plate. Chain-plate conveyor is used for conveying heavy parts, and it is often used for assembling all kinds of motorcycle, automobile and welding conveyor, all kinds of brake, engine chain-plate conveyor, starter chain-plate conveyor, magnetic electric door chain-plate conveyor, generator chain-plate conveyor, electric welding chain-plate conveyor and other assembly. The chain plate conveyor adopts the large-pitch needle roller and bending plate chain as the conveying medium, and drives the metal panel to run circulatively, the speed of the chain plate conveying line can be adjusted.

Due to the need of working environment and production technology, the line body can also be made into 90° or 180° turning type, used in the air conditioning chain plate conveyor, refrigerator chain plate conveyor, electric tools chain plate conveyor and other vacuum, testing. All kinds of fixtures can be set on the panel to meet the requirements of clamping, rotating, assembling, testing and so on. In the need to protect the surface of the workpiece, the panel can be made of plastic or glued on the surface of the metal panel, the main structure of the chain plate conveyor line mainly has steel frame structure and aluminum profile structure, the transmission chain pitch from 38.1mm to 200mm available.

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