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Notes for use of belt conveyor

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Notes for use of belt conveyor

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Belt conveyor we also known as belt conveyor, the main use of the conveyor belt continuous latter intermittent movement to transport a variety of different weight of the goods, now belt conveyor has been widely used, so we should pay attention to what content when using belt conveyor? Down in the small make up to give you a brief explanation.

1. Working environment, conditions and conditions

When using belt conveyor, we need to consider the daily running time, working frequency and service life of belt conveyor, unloading method. For working environment, conditions: ambient temperature, missing or outdoor, environmental requirements, mobile or fixed, telescopic requirements

2. Material properties and throughput

When using belt conveyor, we need to consider the nature of transport materials, including: loose density, material particles, large speed, material humidity, and material corrosion, friction and other factors. When the material flow is not uniform, the basic statistical data of material flow can be considered.

3. The problem of transmission lines and conveyor belts

When using belt conveyor, we need to consider the size of conveying line, including: inclination Angle, length, height of lifting, size of curve segment and size of connection, while for conveyor belt, it is the requirement of larger sag, simulated friction resistance coefficient, friction coefficient, safety coefficient and so on

Above is the automatic logistics small series to give you a simple introduction of belt conveyor in use of the matters needing attention, I hope the above content can help you.

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