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How to reduce the belt conveyor resistance!

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How to reduce the belt conveyor resistance!

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Belt conveyor is also called belt conveyor, is mainly responsible for all kinds of chemical, mining, metallurgy and other industries of a conveyor equipment. So today small make up for you to analyze how to reduce the belt conveyor and material friction in the transport of some resistance.

And belt conveyor friction action in the transport of materials will inevitably produce some resistance, especially when the transport time is long and lead to insufficient mechanical lubrication, the resistance generated is greater. In this case, it is necessary to grease each mechanical parts to reduce the resistance. If it is a fixed belt conveyor, you can also change the belt joint to vulcanization joint, although the price is higher, but long service life.


The main resistance of belt conveyor is the rotary resistance of idlers and the forward resistance of conveyor. And both the size of the resistance and the length of conveyor equipment selection of bearing branch charging coefficient, the length of the conveyor, roller rotating local quality, return branch of unit length roller rotation of local quality unit length, conveyor belt unit conveying material quality, the quality and the transmission capacity of belt conveyor, the material is loose density and belt speed.

The belt conveyor is the main carrier for conveying materials. If the material is transported, the belt will run off, which will also bring certain resistance to the conveyor. Therefore, in order to reduce the belt conveyor running resistance, when the belt is found to run off, should be adjusted in time, as far as possible to reduce the belt running off, in addition to the transmission process will produce garbage clean up, to ensure the belt conveyor tensioning force to achieve a good state.

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