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For the top shelf plastic tray, these elements you need to know

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For the top shelf plastic tray, these elements you need to know

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The industry application of plastic tray is very extensive. The proportion of plastic tray on the market is increasing, plastic tray is gradually replacing the status of traditional tray, become the main body of the tray market. Everyone on the shelf of plastic tray demand is also more and more. How much do you know about buying plastic trays on shelves? Today and automated logistics small make up to look at it together.


Part of the enterprise's warehouse products disorderly, low utilization rate, old equipment. No rules and regulations have been formed, and the pallet model is not uniform, which brings some difficulties to the management.

There are also advantages of easy storage, storage, loading, unloading, and distribution of goods, including savings in labor costs, loading, unloading and transportation time, and reduced transportation costs.

Store the goods on plastic pallets to keep them off the ground, protect them from moisture and insects, classify them in different colors and manage them visually.

Plastic tray can be used for a long time without fading, and will not pollute the products, which can save storage space.

Generally speaking, the plastic pallets in the warehouse need to be filled with steel pipes. The position and quantity of steel pipes are determined according to the types of pallets. Before you buy the plastic tray on the shelf, you must contact the customer service and ask about the price of the steel pipe and your own requirements. If the plastic tray steel pipe is not exposed, you need to communicate in advance

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