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How to improve the transport capacity of belt conveyor? Pay attention to these aspects!

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How to improve the transport capacity of belt conveyor? Pay attention to these aspects!

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Belt conveyor has been used in all walks of life because of its smooth operation, continuous capacity and other advantages. In recent years due to the gradual improvement of the major mining capacity, the belt transport capacity gradually tight, change the traditional retrofit scheme is large power belt conveyor, but this solution need to purchase belt conveyor belt machine, construction base, recycling old belt machine, install new belt machine, etc., engineering, investment, higher, so on the basis of the existing belt conveyor increase transport capacity has the important meaning.


Improve the effective running time of belt conveyor

The effective running time of the belt conveyor refers to the continuous conveyance within the load range of the belt conveyor during its operation. That is, one aspect is to improve its running time, and the other aspect is to improve the continuity of transportation during operation.

First of all, try to avoid normal maintenance in the case of transport demand, so that the belt conveyor running time and transport demand time to keep consistent; Second, to avoid belt conveyor in the process of transportation because of equipment failure or human reasons caused by various abnormal shutdown.



Reduce the failure rate of belt conveyor

In actual production, once the belt machine failure, light stop maintenance delay production time, heavy will bring safety hazards, for example: insufficient tension or uneven bottom plate, the conveyor force is not equal will greatly affect the transport capacity of the belt machine.

1) insufficient tensioning force, slack conveyor belt, resulting in belt machine skid

Tensioning device is an indispensable important part of the conveyor, it is directly related to the safe operation and service life of the conveyor, especially for large transport volume, long distance large conveyor. In order to ensure the normal operation of the belt conveyor, the position of the tensioning drum must be often adjusted. In the past, fixed winch is generally used to tighten the belt, and it can only be regularly tensioned belt, and the degree of tensioning is often related to the experience of the operator, and often the tensioning force is too large or too small to affect the safety and smooth operation of the conveyor, resulting in slack conveyor belt leading to skid, pull failure accidents.

Solution: replace it with an automatic tensioning device. The automatic tensioning device can accurately control the tension of rubber belt and monitor the tension of rubber belt in real time. Meanwhile, it has excellent dynamic response ability to respond to the change of rubber belt tension in a very short time.

2) floor height fluctuation, uneven belt machine force, resulting in belt pressure accident

When the head is not loaded, the second half of the full load, resulting in belt machine force is not uniform, the head drives the roller appears skidding leading to belt machine pull, the second half of the pressure belt phenomenon; Secondly, the overall height of the conveyor fluctuates, resulting in large stress on part of the idlers and frequent bad idlers. The tail drum is at a relatively low point. In addition to the horizontal tension of rubber belt, it also bears an upward drawing force, which is easy to cause damage to the tail drum.

Solution: the purpose of leveling the slope of the belt conveyor is to reduce the running resistance by flattening the backbones of the roadway, lifting the bottom of the conveyor roadway and installing H racks with high legs.


Do the overhaul and maintenance of belt conveyor

Do a good job in the maintenance of the belt machine, also improve the operating efficiency of the belt machine. The overhaul and maintenance of belt machine is mainly for belt machine sweeper, belt itself, power device, electrical protection device four big.

(1) daily maintenance of sweeper

Too tight pressure on the surface of belt or roller by sweeper or too large gap may easily cause belt damage or reduce the cleaning effect. In addition, in order to prevent the sweeper damage after cutting belt, the integrity of its parts is also a key object to see. If too many materials or incomplete parts are found on the sweeper, the machine should be stopped immediately for cleaning and replacement.

(2) daily maintenance of belts

Roller slippage is usually caused by insufficient belt tension, while bottom belt vibration is usually caused by excessive belt tension. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the belt is mainly the maintenance of tension. The adjustment of belt tensioning force shall be numerically controlled by the load sensor pressure gauge, or the conveyor belt shall not slip on the sensor drum. Belt deviation and abnormal wear are the main reasons of belt life shortening. In daily maintenance, should be timely correction of the belt machine deviation, for abnormal wear to try to avoid. The long time running off is likely to cause the side of the tape to pull, crack and even longitudinal tear.

(3) daily maintenance of power plant

Reducer, motor and roller bearing are the power supply device of belt conveyor. Mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel shall regularly observe the grease lubrication and heating conditions of these components. If oil leakage or lubricating oil penetration is found in the equipment during the observation, the cause shall be checked promptly and the oil shall be supplemented to the parts where oil leakage and penetration occurs; For abnormal heating equipment should be stopped in time to check the cause, so as to avoid accidents.

(4) electrical control and protection device maintenance

Electric control and protection device is the belt on the electrification equipment, for this kind of equipment, mechanical and electrical maintenance personnel must strictly in accordance with the relevant operating instructions for its maintenance, in peacetime on the other parts of the belt machine maintenance, must protect the electrical equipment, to prevent the wrong damage.


Improve the operation quality of maintenance personnel

The operation quality of the belt machine is related to the correct operation and maintenance of the belt machine. Xiaobian has learned that there are operators do not follow the operating procedures of the belt machine, before the start of a detailed inspection of the equipment, because of a broken roller led to more than 700 meters of belt was cut from the middle, causing a serious belt transport accident, to bring major economic losses to the enterprise. Therefore, enterprises must often carry out special business training for operators, so that operators and maintenance personnel realize the importance of their own posts, can strictly abide by the operation rules and maintenance rules, do not let the wrong operation or maintenance mistakes caused by the operation of the belt machine difficulty.

Improve the transport capacity of belt conveyor, first of all in the procurement of equipment to choose the regular manufacturers of products, mature production capacity for the quality of equipment is fully guaranteed. Second, in the process of installation and operation must be in accordance with the procedures to work, to prevent unnecessary failure. Finally, do a good job in the maintenance and repair of belt machine, improve the management and maintenance ability, and strive to maximize the transport capacity of belt machine.

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