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Universal ball

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Universal ball

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  • Release date:2019/07/02
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Detailed description


Wanxiang ball is suitable for electronics, hardware, machinery, chemical industry, food, trees, mines, books, supermarkets, rubber and other industries. Widely used in transmission systems, feeding systems, processing systems, processing machinery and packaging machinery auxiliary equipment.

Due to the flexible rolling of the universal ball, the work board, material box and other objects running on it can slip very flexibly, thus greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers. According to different bearing requirements, the distribution density of the universal ball can be arbitrarily set, or the universal ball with different bearing capacity can be selected. Universal ball has carbon steel zinc and stainless steel two materials.

Universal ball shell: carbon steel galvanized, stainless steel and reinforced nylon three materials.

Universal ball ball: carbon steel ball, carbon steel galvanized ball, bearing steel ball, steel ball, plastic steel ball.

Universal ball conveyor is a kind of non - powered conveyor which USES ball to transport. As the goods on the ball can be transported along any direction, so it is called the universal ball conveyor. The conveyor is often used to transport flat, smooth underside items, such as pallets. It is not suitable for conveying with uneven bottom (such as ordinary container) and soft bottom (such as cloth package, etc.). Universal ball conveyor is easy to install (just fix the universal ball on the platform), flexible transmission, reliable performance, simple maintenance.

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