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how is woven belt roller conveyor GQ

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how is woven belt roller conveyor GQ

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how is woven belt roller conveyor GQ

The drum multi-wedge belt is a kind of multi-wedge belt in the transmission belt, which is mainly used in the material transport equipment - roller conveyor. It has high speed, quiet, environmental protection and other application characteristics, is widely used in express delivery, medicine, e-commerce and other logistics delivery systems.

The drum multi - wedge belt is a new type of logistics transmission equipment. Main replacement O belt, synchronous belt, friction belt, chain and other transmission modes.

It can make up for O belt load small, synchronous belt expensive, friction belt transmission efficiency, chain noise and other problems.

Features of PJ drum multi-wedge belt:


High transmission efficiency: transmission efficiency up to 98%

Large load range: 1~400KG

Fast transmission speed: 3m/s

Smooth operation: material is rubber and elastic cord

No maintenance, no lubrication, no secondary tensioning

Motor saving: with multi-wedge belt drive, 50 passive rollers can be driven by 1 active roller, and 30 ones can be driven by 1 active roller

Easy installation: just tighten the positioning screw after tensioning

The roller multi-wedge belt was first used by the manufacturer in Malaysia, the birthplace of conveyor. Now it is widely used as PJ model, suitable for light and medium load.

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