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Sub-confluence 0 belt conveyor

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Sub-confluence 0 belt conveyor

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Detailed description

Sub-confluence 0 belt conveyor


China's lifting transport (material handling) machinery industry from the 1950s and 1960s began to establish and gradually develop, has formed a variety of product range and a large group of enterprises, serving the national economy in all walks of life.

The logistics equipment of O belt conveyor is designed as a mechanical logistics equipment of O belt roller conveyor with partial accumulative discharge function. There will be a small amount of line pressure between the goods when they are placed on the mechanical logistics equipment of o-ring o-belt roller transportation.

O belt roller conveyor mechanical logistics equipment USES a drive shaft to drive the whole conveyor, on the drive shaft is installed with the same number of special materials drive joints as the drum. The o-ring transfers power from the transmission joint to the drum, which drives the cargo through friction between the drum and the cargo.

O belt roller conveyor mechanical logistics equipment series modular design of the cargo transport process required by all functional segments, such as: straight line, turn, confluent, shunt, sorting and sorting export, etc. The free combination of these segments enables even the most complex automated delivery systems.

O belt roller conveyor mechanical logistics equipment can be equipped with jacking, shifting, sorting, stop and so on

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